Despite no shortage of people talking about the “good ole days,” there is an idea that “modern” equates better. “Modern medicine,” for example, brings to mind doctors in white coats and countless lives being saved because of the technology we now have. And while it can be true that modern medicine cures things that in years past would have been incurable, we seem to be forgetting a lot of good knowledge too. Antibiotics don’t have to be the first thing we reach for when dealing with minor infection, pain killers like Aleve and Tylenol don’t have to be our first choice when our body aches, and formula is not “just as good” as breastmilk for babies.

Throughout history the human race has made use of herbs and similar remedies to cure their ailments. Some worked, some didn’t, but people passed down what knowledge they had from generation to generation. There is record of ancient Druids performing successful brain surgeries, and that is just the beginning of the ancient knowledge many do not appreciate.

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doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade: Misleading Marketing?

When discussing where to buy essential oils for therapeutic/medicinal use, there is an inevitable list of companies that get recommended. The three top ones that I typically hear are doTERRA, Young Living, and From Nature With Love. While all three are solid choices for quality in my opinion, there tends to be a marked difference … Continue reading »


“The womb lasts eighteen months: Nine months inside mother, and nine months outside.” – Dr. Sears [i] It is a sad day when keeping our babies close to our hearts is met by comments that we should put our babies down and let them cry. Rather than keeping them close, where they are safest, and … Continue reading »

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel, or Hammamelis virginiana (among other varieties), is among one of my favorite plants and I would have to describe as a small tree. Not only does it have rather interesting looking flowers (which bloom in autumn and linger through winter), but the liquid you can distill from this tree is an astringent with a variety of … Continue reading »